Maddie Lynn is a heartbreaker to say the least. Her dark brunette hair and huge, blue puppy-dog eyes could make anyone love her, girls included. She didn’t pride herself in her looks though, but rather in her kind personality, not believing that she had the looks of what everyone described.
Maddie is humble and prefers to give than to get. She is constantly donating her money to good causes, rather than diamonds and shoes.
She and Liam James Payne were always giving together until the X Factor came and he was soon put into a band which escalated in popularity to become the biggest boy band in the world. She broke up with him before the audition. But that seemed to be her biggest mistake.
Two years later, after Liam had been dating a girl for that long, Liam announces his wedding date to Fiona Lenni and invites Maddie. After being hung up on Liam for two years, Maddie is at a loss for what to do.
Trouble arisesand Maddie finds herself interrupting a wedding…


7. Ice-Cream

I opened my locker, taking down the pictures of Liam for the first time in forever. I smiled at myself and soon felt someone's hot breath on my neck, making me shiver. I turned, heading face first into someone's very well built chest. They caught me in a strong grip so that I didn't fall backwards and I looked up into brown eyes staring into mine. A mischievous grin whipped across his face and his hair fell lazily around his forehead.  

"Hey," He smiled.  

"Hello, Josh," I nodded and turned around again, starting to swap my books.  

"So, why did you agree to go out with Adrian but not me?" Josh asked me with a small frown, as if sad.  

"Because," I paused and he didn't say anything, waiting for me to continue, "Adrian's different. He's changed since we were kids."  

"I've changed too."  

I turned to face him, eyeing him suspiciously before nodding.  

"Okay, I'll give you a shot," I sighed and a huge smile spread across his face, reaching from ear to ear.  

"Great," He chuckled, "What about we go get some food?"  

"Oh, I can't go now. I'm getting ice-cream with Adrian today," I smiled, "Maybe next time."  

I shut my locker and slung my bag on my shoulder, walking down the halls and towards the entrance to the school. Adrian was standing there, bag hanging from one shoulder and running his fingers through his hair.  

"Hey," I smiled and hugged him.  

"Hey Madz," I hugged me back tightly.  

With that we walked down the road to the little ice-cream shop not far away. I've always loved that shop. It's where Liam took me on our first date too. As we walked through the door, a bell tinkling, I looked to the red cushioned bar stools. I could almost see a younger version of Liam and I eating our favourite flavoured ice-creams and laughing together. I laughed behind my hand as Liam cracked another joke and laughed with me and I saw myself lightly touch Liam's arm as we spoke.   I looked down at my feet as Adrian and I walked forward, pulling me out of my memories and making me long to have those days back. Adrian ordered his and I ordered my favourite flavour, pistachio and Adrian payed. I remember when Liam and I came here, he ordered for me. He already knew my favourite.   We made our way to a booth and sat down across from each other. Adrian raised his eyebrow when he saw me take a fork from the counter. I looked down, not realising that I still used forks to eat ice cream, and laughed. I always used a fork because Liam did and I decided to try it too. It was fun, so I continued doing it. Liam found it very entertaining.  

"It's a thing," I explained to Adrian, looking down at the table top.  

He chuckled and I smiled, looking up. Bad idea. As soon as I looked up, my eyes focused on those same bar stools. I saw Liam leaning in and kissing me on the cheek, my cheeks flushing.   "Liam," I whispered, biting my lower lip.  

"Who?" Adrian's brow furrowed and he looked back.  

"Nothing," I shook my head as I saw me turning and kissing Liam fully on the lips, experiencing my first kiss, "How about we walk around and have our ice-cream?"  

I smiled at Adrian and he nodded. We got up and started walking. I felt a tug on my heart as the door closed behind me and I tried my best to focus on only Adrian for the rest of the afternoon. All I could see was Liam and I sitting on a park bench, walking through the streets hand in hand and Rolling around on the grass and laughing. I sighed.

_Five more days._
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