Maddie Lynn is a heartbreaker to say the least. Her dark brunette hair and huge, blue puppy-dog eyes could make anyone love her, girls included. She didn’t pride herself in her looks though, but rather in her kind personality, not believing that she had the looks of what everyone described.
Maddie is humble and prefers to give than to get. She is constantly donating her money to good causes, rather than diamonds and shoes.
She and Liam James Payne were always giving together until the X Factor came and he was soon put into a band which escalated in popularity to become the biggest boy band in the world. She broke up with him before the audition. But that seemed to be her biggest mistake.
Two years later, after Liam had been dating a girl for that long, Liam announces his wedding date to Fiona Lenni and invites Maddie. After being hung up on Liam for two years, Maddie is at a loss for what to do.
Trouble arisesand Maddie finds herself interrupting a wedding…


5. Dresses and a Date

The wind whipped my hair back and my hands were buried deep in my pockets as I walked down the streets after my walk to the park not far away. I felt my face freeze from the cold and my tears seemed to turn to ice as I walked home again. Yesterday had been like a day from the past, even with the phone call from his fiancé, and wasn't something that I needed.

My brain was a mess of thoughts and emotions and all I wanted to do was crawl into a hole and die... or at least crawl into Liam's embrace and cry, at least. But I wasn't about to randomly drop dead now; just because life's unfair like that.

"Maddie," My mum cried and hugged me as I walked into the house, "Seven more days! You need a dress!"

"Mum, don't-" I tried but she thrust the huge wad of money into my hands and I sighed, turning towards the door again, "Fine."

"Get a nice one, please," Mum begged, "and don't forget to invite a date."

I froze, my hand on the door handle, and turned around slowly. My insides turned to ice and I wanted to throw up.

"Pardon?" I asked and she rolled her eyes.

"Darling, it's a wedding," She said in an annoyed voice, "You need a date. What about that Adrian boy you told me about?"

I sighed a 'fine' and walked out to my car, where I sat and counted the money. There was an enormous amount, even for my family. We're rich, yeah, but wow, no dress costs this much. I sighed and put it in my purse before starting up the car. I didn't go to that fancy dress shop that my mum loved and cost a fortune for each thread of each dress, I went to my favourite dress shop. It's a little charity shop where you can buy clothes and the money goes to a good cause, or you sell your clothes to them so that they can sell it. I usually donate my clothes and let them keep the money. I had enough money to last me three thousand lifetimes.

I walked into the shop and I was immediately enveloped in warmth and the smell of pizza.

"Good morning, Maddie," Marge Henderson, Julia's mother, greeted as the bell above the door tinkled, "Donating or buying?"

"Buying," I smiled, "I'm going to a wedding in seven days."

"Oh, who's the lucky man?" Marge joked and I rolled my eyes.

"I'm only seventeen, Marge," I laughed.

"Eighteen in two months."

I smiled and nodded, "Do you still need volunteers to help around the shop?"

"Oh, no, darling," She smiled as I started looking through the racks, "Someone came in and filled the position yesterday. He's in the back."

"Awesome," I took the two dresses I had into the dressing room with me.

The first dress was a spaghetti strap, black dress with blue netting underneath, making it puff out a little. No. The second was a dark red, like blood, long dress and with a 'mermaid tail' end. Definitely not. I sighed and Marge laughed, opening the curtain slightly and passing me another dress and a pair of heels. I smiled. It was beautiful.

"The volunteer picked it out," She told me and I nodded with a smile, of course.

I changed into the new suggestion and admired how perfectly it fit. It's a dark purple dress that suited my hair very well and brought out a sparkling affect in my eyes. It's a strapless dress with an even darker purple band around my waist, separating the top from the skirt. The skirt was a flow-y kind of skirt that you could spin around in and it would flow outwards. The heels are strap-y black heels that are kind of medium on the tall scale, so I won't break my neck or anything.

I smiled and walked out to an awaiting Marge. She took a sharp breath and smiled behind her hand as if she was a proud mother feeling emotional. I twirled for her and she clapped, giggling.

"Beautiful!" She exclaimed and hugged me, "You're wearing this to the wedding or you're not going at all!"

I laughed and went back into the dressing room, changed and walked to the counter with my new dress and heels. I kept them there and looked along the purses. A black one with a purple strap caught my attention and I put it on the counter too.

"Marge?" I asked as she walked behind the counter, "Could you show me how to do my hair and make-up for the wedding?"

"Of course dear!" Marge was always happy to help. She did my hair and make-up for my school proms every time, even though I went alone.

She rung up the items and I held out the wad of money before she even told me what the amount was. She gave me a look but I smiled and insisted. Marge hugged me over the counter and thanked me about a million times before packing the items neatly into different packages. The dress was folded neatly in a big box with the purse on top and the heels are in a box of their own. As she was packed them, a boy with spiked up blonde and blue, blue eyes walked in from the back. Adrian Blake was volunteering... Without being sentenced to it by a judge.

"Hey, Maddie," He smiled and I waved with a small smile of my own.

"Hey, Adrian," I greeted and cut to the chase, "my mum wanted me to ask you if you wanted to come to a wedding with me."

"Really? Where is it?"

"London," I shrugged, "But I'll pay either way."

"Oh," Adrian smiled, "Okay."

"Thanks," I smiled and hugged him, "See you tomorrow?"

"Yeah." I waved good-bye and rushed out to my car, opening the trunk and taking out one of the many boxes from that fancy dress store that I kept in there.

I swopped the boxes and took the ones with the items into the passenger seat and walking around to the drivers side before driving back home. My mum greeted me excitedly but I refused to show her what I had bought, telling her i was a surprise and informing her that Adrian would accompany me to the wedding. That night, as I lay in my bed, my phone vibrated and I grabbed it from my bed side table. The screen was lit up with a picture of Liam and I and I tried to ignore it as I entered the text from the unknown number.

Hey, It's Adrian :). See you tomorrow, I want to talk to you.

I smiled. Adrian's changed since we were kids. He's much kinder, more good looking too. His muscles are way bigger and his football ability has improved greatly. What if he's the boy that heals my heart after Liam? I saved his number and replied to him. Hey! See you tomorrow ;) Night - Maddie I haven't used a wink-y face since Liam. It felt... Weird. Really weird. But I liked it. I plugged in my phone to charge and snuggled into my blankets before drifting off to sleep.

Seven more days.

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