Concrete Jungle

The reality of what it is to be lonely in poem form.


1. Concrete Jungle

Alone she walks, steady and slow,

Ambling through hallways, creeping up stairs.

Although she's odd, and all alone,

Not one person sees her, knows that she's there.


Each hallway's a tunnel, endless and bright,

The further she walks, the darker it goes.

Each stair is a mountain. She scales the height.

The higher she climbs, the iller she grows.


Each classroom's a cage, the students caged birds.

Wings flare as she enters. Prepared to attack.

Their wings are their beauty, their talons are words -

And once she's pinned down, there's no going back.


That's why she walks, alone and afraid,

Through hallway and staircase, slow as a snail.

It's a jungle out there, and day by day

The battle commences. She's doomed to fail.

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