Alex was just leaving her job. It had been a hard and long day and she was ready to go home.But, right when she was about to turn the corner, she heard something that would change her life forever.


8. Waffles

Niall's POV

She kissed me. She actually kissed me.

When I woke up, Alex was cuddled up against me, still dozing. She had a short and thin frame with lightly wavy blonde hair.Her skin was medium and she had naturally long eyelashes. I don't think she was wearing any make up or just a small amount.

 I , very slowly, got up and put a blanket around her. I went to the fridge and pulled out a box of microwavable waffles. I don't think she would mind.

Just as I opened the box, I heard her yawn.

"'Mornin." I said, pulling out 7 waffles for the microwave.Hey how many waffles do you want?" I asked, looking at my watch.

" Ooh. I love waffles! I'll take 3." she walked over to the kitchen and started pulling out whipped cream, syrup, and butter.

Beep.Beep.Beep. The timer went off and Alex pulled them out, placing 3 waffles on her plate and the rest on mine. She practically smoldered hers in whipped cream.

"Do you want some waffles with that whipped cream?" I laughed. She joined in, just giggling slightly. We both sat down and continued to eat. She asked random questions like what is was like to be famous or what my favorite color was. We had a great time.


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