Alex was just leaving her job. It had been a hard and long day and she was ready to go home.But, right when she was about to turn the corner, she heard something that would change her life forever.


11. Ticklish

Alex's POV

"Geez Lou, there are people here!" I whisper scream while laughing.

We all laugh and sit down and drink our coffees and make small talk. Lou and El have to go some where so Niall and I go to a local park.


Niall and I sat down on a swing and lightly swung together, not talking. The lake in front of us is still.

All is completely quiet.

"Hey...are you ticklish?" Niall breaks the silence.

"Wha-" he breaks me off my jumping over and picking me up laughing. I squeal and start yelling at him to put me down.

"Fine!" he says, still laughing. He lays me down on a park bench and starts to tickle me.

"Niall-*gasp*-Stop tickling me!" I say, laughing like crazy, just like him.

"One condition. You gotta say "Niall is a sexy animal and I love him sooooooooooo much!"" he yells.

"NO!" I yell in between gasps. He tickles me more.

"Ok fine! Niall is a sexy animal and I love him sooooooooooo much!" I scream, "Now let me go!"

"Nope!" he says popping the 'p'. "Now say that you'll go out with me!" he say, laughing.

"Fine,Fine!" I squeal "I'll go out with you!" I say, laughing.

Niall stops tickling me and leans down and pecks me on the lips.

It was perfect.


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