Alex was just leaving her job. It had been a hard and long day and she was ready to go home.But, right when she was about to turn the corner, she heard something that would change her life forever.


4. Her family

Niall's POV

As we drove to her place, she seemed much brighter than when she picked me up. She turned on the radio and Hey There Delilah cam on and she even started singing. I joined in and she blushed. She had a really nice voice. More songs came on and then after a few, Little Things came on. She turned up the music.

"I don't want to be rude, but this is the only song I actually know by you." she said. She blushed a little and then sang the whole song through. I joined in and at my solo she turned it all the way up, saying it was her favorite part. After it was over I think she realized it was mine. She blushed very red and I just smiled so goofily. God, she was gorgeous.

------------Alex's House------------

We pulled up to the driveway of the apartments. When we got up to her room, she told me to wait here.

I leaned up against the door as I heard two  squels of "ALI!" and her saying hi and saying sorry she was late.

"Now, Maddy, I have a surprise for you. I bumped into someone today. I think you'll love to meet him. Now close your eyes." I smiled as I heard her say thins.

"Come on in!" She yelled, meant for me to hear. I walked in and I stood in front of the girl with the eyes closed. Alex was holding another girl, probably around 4 or 5. 

"OK Maddy, You can open your eyes now!" she said, grinning.

Her sister opene her eyes and stared up at me, mouth open. I smiled and then she started screaming and crying(happy tears) and I picked her up and hugged her.

"N-Niall? You got me Niall Ali?!" she asked, and I laughed. So did Alex.I played with and signed autographs for her sister and I told her Harry would LOVE to meet her. After about 15 mins we left and I also met her other sister, Rosie. I waved bye to Rosie and Maddy and we got in the car to go to my flat.

------------My Flat------------------

We pulled in and I told Alex to come inside. Of course I forgot about the boys.

"WHERE THE HELL HAVE YOU BEEN NIALL? WE'VE BEEN LOOKING EVERYWHERE FOR YOU!" Harry screamed as he saw me. The others just looked relieved and Liam just mumbled thanks to God.

"Sorry mates, forgot to call you." I explained the story about how Alex saved me and then I think they noticed her presence.She was just standing still by the door, looking at her shoes. Lou was the first to brake the silence.

"Well Alex, it's nice to meet you." he shook her hand and the others followed.

" It was nice meeting you guys. Well, I gotta go back to my sisters." She started to leave.

"Wait! " I grabbed her arm and scribbled my number on her hand."I also want to see Maddy again. Don't worry, I'll bring Harry too." I smiled in sync with her.

"WAIT BRING ME WHERE NOW?" Harry screamed. Alex and I both laughed and she turned and left. It was silent as I already missed her.

"Ooooh! Niall likes someone!" Zayn broke the silence.


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