Alex was just leaving her job. It had been a hard and long day and she was ready to go home.But, right when she was about to turn the corner, she heard something that would change her life forever.


10. Contest

Hiya guys! nikkimay here! So first of all, sorry if you thought this was a new chapter and it messed you up with your emails :P.

SO anyways, I'm having a contest!(I put it in this movella since its the most popular) 

The purpose of this contest is for my next book! I want all the girls in it to be real. All you have to do is put your application in the contest. And everything must be real! (execpt the last name part. That needs to be fake unless you want to be stalked by stalkers).

Here is an example:

Part: Niall's gf

Name: Amanda Williams


eyes-dark blue

hair-straight,shoulder length blonde

height- short

3 personalty traits:

Bubbly, talkative, and intelligent(must include one thing you don't like about yourself.(talkative))


The major parts are:

Zayn's gf

Liam's gf

Harry's gf

(Louis has Eleanor! and the application above is mine! I get Nialler :))

The minor parts are:


Zayn's gf's bf

Liam's gf's bf

Harry's gf's bf

Niall's gf's bf

Eleanor's bf

Andddddddd the parts nobody's going to want:

Harry's ex

Eleanor's enemy.

Zayn's ex

Niall's cousin(shes bad:P)


I shall anounce the winners on 12/13/12. If I don't have enough entires, I will either move the date back or make them up based on my buddies. 

Also, if you don't care(1) or are debating between two(or 3, or 4, etc)(2) put in as part:

1. Anything

2. part/part/part

So enter away! 


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