Alex was just leaving her job. It had been a hard and long day and she was ready to go home.But, right when she was about to turn the corner, she heard something that would change her life forever.




Hey ya'll! It's finally time to see the results! Now, I want to tell you guys something. There were at least like 8  people who applied but didn't do it right. So, they were disqualified. Sorry!

Now, I got a LOT of entry's. They were all good and I wish I could use all of them, but alas, I can't *sigh*

But, here are the winners!!!

Liam's gf: NightStar_12              her bff: Abigail Jane*

Zayn's gf: 1Dforevababy             her bff: Livy*

Harry's gf: HayHayluvs1D          her bff: Isabel*

 Niall's gf bff: The Naughty Directioner

Eleanor's bff: HarrysAllStars

Eleanor's enemy: Cassie*

Niall's cousin: Mary*

Harry's ex: Lucy*

Zayn's ex: Rachel*

*means based of a friend I know or made up 


I will start the movella somewhere in the future, probs around April or March! 

Luv ya'll!


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