Rachel Cage

Rachel has never talked to anyone nor does she remember her past. Living by herself and thieving off the streets of Singapore is hard enough but what happens when Rachel's world is turned upside down. In the midst of Rachels normal thieving chores, she assumes that a little old man walking down a narrow path is easy prey. But what she doesn't know is that this man will change her life forever. The things you read in fantasy novels just might turn out to be true, and you may have a part in all of it.

Note: This is my first attempt at writing and publishing a story. Commenting, liking and favoriting will make me publish more chapters due to the fact that im not entirely sure if this story will be worth continuing. Thanks for reading and please enjoy.


3. Unexpected

Running towards a moving object or person would normally for the average person be a hard task, especially when you are leaping from building to building whilst at the same time keeping your undivided attention on the target. Running up to the edge of the building, I quickly swerved right and then ran up to water tank. Jumping over the broken pieces of glass, I threw myself at the tank before right after springing myself back off it and ascending to a building above. Nimbly grabbing the edge of the tin roof, I retraced my footwork from the building before and in no time got on top of the building before running up to another building infront. Looking at the figure at a more closer view, I smiled to myself whilst watching the person stop to a halt and catch their breath. Running forward once again, I quickly scanned left, right and center. If I took the left route, I would have to have to grab a water pipe, hang directly off of it and then let go whilst at the same time catching about a three second drop by the looks of it. After that I would have to then squeeze my way around what looked like littered floor that guarnteed wasting time. For the center, I would have to spring myself off the building right at the end but could cause injury due to the shadow overcasting what was below. Taking a well-rounded examination of the right I sighed, and then began to pelt at full speed whilst turning right. Whilst running towards a very old looking wall, I had quickly came to the conclusion that if I took the left or center route I could infact get across it just fine but those options would delay me for over six seconds; and when chasing someone who might hold the difference between you eating that left over tomato and radish or a hot meal, every second counts. Running up to the wall and stopping, I looked down and let out another sigh whilst clamping my toes over the edge.

"Well this should be fun" I grumbled to myself as I took a little hop forward. Infront of me just incase you were wondering was an a alleyway between two narrow walls. Now I wouldn't normally have had a problem with this except I risked two things. I could a) lose sight of the target and or b)injur myself. As I plumetted down, focused all my attention to my legs and head. Focusing my tensity on both areas helped me to keep my calm and let my body stay in a "soldier stand" for as long as I needed it to. Watching the wall less then ten centimenters made my stomach do a small flip. If I were to even shift a fraction of my body, the momentum of my body at the speed that it was going would result in fatal injury, possible death. Clearing my head of distractions, I counted down in my head as every second went by.

One meter, five meters, ten meters, fifteen meters, twenty met..

I stopped counting.

Trying to keep myself calm, I went over the analysis that I had made of the jump. Looking from the building below, the drop was in reasonable air time. It looked like it was around twenty or so meters and would take no longer then seven seconds, leaving an extra eight seconds left to try and get in contact with the target. But this was taking too long.

Way too lon..

The smell changed. I was approaching the ground at an incredible rate now and could see the clearing of the ground. The walls began to slowly but surely widen as I kept descending. Blinking myself out of my previous thoughts, I moved my center of focus now on my arms. As my body began to slowly turn fowards, I squinted my eyes and began to focus on the speed of the fall. What looked like brown and black blurs slowly began to come into focus, similar to sharpening the picture but in this case on a smaller scale. Looking foward with my eyes glued on the wall, I began to focus my strength partially on my arms but now more-so to my eyes. The fine cracks and crevices came into focus as I soon found what I was looking for. Snapping my body into a limp position in the air, I pulled both arms back as both legs shot forward. The space between my body and the walls was now a good meter or so. As my legs landed on the wall, the brick underneath began to crumble underneath before stopping as soon as it had started. The momentum from the drop had now been effectively lowered by the blow of my feet and as I craned my head forward, making sure not to slam my head into the wall.

"Three, two and one" I whispered cautiously.

As soon as I finished the count down, I could now feel the ground underneath my feet. Crouching into a nimble position with one knee on the ground and both hands splayed out infront of me, a soft thump sounded from the fall but not loud enough unless you were in a good ten meter radius. Breaking out into a quiet sprint, I began to run at full pelt towards a small alleyway. The cold, wet ground squelched between my toes as I continued running whilst trying not to slip. Losing time being air-borne was definitely a first but then again, everyone made mistakes. That's what I kept telling myself over and over again inside my head whilst slightly getting angry at myself. I took a sharp right turn and then could now hear a faint but certain noise infront of me. Still running in the wet and cold water my anger slowly turned into confusion.

It was daytime.

On a day like this no matter how wet the ground might have been the night before, the sun would've dried both ground and air crisp of dampness. Whilst pondering on this, I could now see the small man walking a slow but steady pace. My first plan was simple. The time advantage would give me just enough time to corner him on the alleyway that took a turn to the left. But now the man was past this point and would soon approach the main road. Now less then five meters across I clicked my fingers quickly before leaping at him. Using the element of surprise, he slowly but surely turned his head, but before he had the chance to take a full analysis of what was happening it would be too late. Grabbing the man by both shoulders I pushed him forward with all the momentum built up in the run. The man groaned as he fell forward and fell unto the ground, suitcase and all. The walking stick that the man was using flung itself into the air dramatically shooting infront of him. Looking down at the man, I took a step forward and nudged his side with my foot whilst landing nimbly on both feet. Even though I was feeling the tiniest and I mean the tiniest bit guilty, it was something that had to be done. I never liked raiding people, especially old people.

"If you don't want to be throttled, I would suggest handing over your suitcase and valuables" I said aloud.


"I swear" I said rolling my eyes as I heaved him over with a shove of my foot.

The person who I thought had been a man was infact a young boy. He looked back at me, with no expression whatsoever. There were no cuts or bruises left by the fall and it looked as if he was untouched. Slowly gaping at the small child, I quickly closed my mouth and took hold of the suitcase. Seeing no movement from the young boy must have meant that the shock and fall had put him into a dazed state. Prying the young boys hand from the suitcase handle I swung it and placed it beside me. Putting my attention back on the small child, I examined him. He was probably around the age of ten and looked like he was born here. His small almond eyes that slanted just slightly slanted on the tips gave the race of the kid away, but the hair was long and black similar of a girls. It probably would have left the citizens of Singapore into a questioning of what sex the kid was, but when you are looking and avoiding most of them all the time. No matter what they look like, you can get a general idea on what class they and are of course what their gender is. Boys growing their hair out like that as far as I am concerned is not the latest fashion, which made me wonder if he really lived in Singapore or not.
Pushing the sleeves up his arms, I frowned seeing that he didn't sport any sort of watch. Pushing the sleeves back down, I then examined the size of feet the kid had on. I know this might sound weird, but whilst living the past sixteen or so years of my life I never really found much interest in shoes of anykind. I mean of course they protected your feet from rubble on the ground, but since most of the time I had to climb and manouver myself around obstacles daily; the idea of shoes concluded unnecessary and a hindrance to life. The shoes the boy had on looked like your usual sandals which was a massive dissapointment since I knew that they were in too much of a state to be sold. Placing my hands on his jacket, I shoved both hands into his pockets and checked for anything worth taking. His left pocket sadly only had a hankey inside whilst his right pocket was bare. I heard a small muffle from the kid. Looking back at the kids face, I then realised that he was looking straight at me. I would have knocked him out but I couldn't move. Wait...

"Why can't I move" I accidentally said aloud.

"Edward sure was right about you" the boy said.

Looking down at the kid, I saw him smile and then sit up brushing himself down. He then walked over to the walking stick with no difficulty whatsoever, unlike before.

"If you're wondering if this was staged, it was" the boy said bluntly as he picked the walking stick up and turned his attention back to me. A smile played on his lips as he pushed his hair behind his ears and began walking towards ne.

An unsettling feeling came over me as I watched the kid draw closer. This had never happened before. Alot of weird things had happened before. My analysing skills didn't seem to go to plan which only added confusion to the fact that this kid was not infact an old man but a young boy who was now trying to get me mad and for some strange reason my body had given up on me when I needed it the most and...

The boy walked over and crouched infront of me whilst taking ahold of my hand. Closing his eyes and wiping the smile from his mouth, he began to tap the walking stick on the ground lightly. A sound echoed from afar.

Keeping my eyes steady on the boy, I focused solely on showing no emotion and reaction. I looked at him boredly as he began to tap the walking stick louder. The sound was getting louder and bigger. I diverted my eyes infront of me and looked in amazement as the water that was splayed all over the ground, began to shift and roll like small waves towards the walking stick touching the ground. When the water reached the tip of the walking stick, it would then stop and begin to slowly rise whilst rippling in the air. I had lost all focus on keeping my emotions hidden and began to gape in awe at what I was seeing before me.

"What are you?" I asked in a daze.

No answer.

The tapping had now stopped and the water now began to rise higher and higher into the air. All of a sudden the rise seized immediately and the water began to shoot towards me. Not being able to raise my hands to protect me, I looked bewildered up at the water and back at the boy.

Was this the end? I thought to myself.

"The beginning" the boy said back.

And then the everything went black.


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