Rachel Cage

Rachel has never talked to anyone nor does she remember her past. Living by herself and thieving off the streets of Singapore is hard enough but what happens when Rachel's world is turned upside down. In the midst of Rachels normal thieving chores, she assumes that a little old man walking down a narrow path is easy prey. But what she doesn't know is that this man will change her life forever. The things you read in fantasy novels just might turn out to be true, and you may have a part in all of it.

Note: This is my first attempt at writing and publishing a story. Commenting, liking and favoriting will make me publish more chapters due to the fact that im not entirely sure if this story will be worth continuing. Thanks for reading and please enjoy.


2. Morning preperations


Slowly opening my eyes I stiffled a yawn before sitting up. The sky was slowly beginning to brighten as the glowing orange waves began to peak from the west side of the city. Leaning back on both hands I began to drearily watch the sun as it came into view. Bright like a candle, big like the open sky and beautiful as a geisha. The city was once again filling with sunlight. The usual groups of shopkeepers and salesmen began to awaken as the others stayed put in bed retreating from the light rays in their beds. Cranking my neck left and right I sighed with relief as I felt the muscles in my neck relax. Holding myself steadily with one hand I swept myself up and began to make my way to the shelter on the building. The building that I am temporarily staying on holds posession to everyday necessities. Water from the tap, food from the citizens keeping the flats below vacant and freedom temporarily due to the fact that no one knew I was up here. Continuing my walk I bent down and grabbed the bucket I had filled with water from the night before. Splashing the water over my face I began to cup both of my hands and splash the warm water on my face. After the water was splashed, I began scrubbing and scratching the dirty away whilst flinging it off at the same time. Starting with my face I began to scrub the water on my neck, arms and then to finish it off legs and feet. After I was done, I shoved my hands back into the buckets and began to rub the grime off of them. The water felt cool on my skin as I stood up whilst shaking my hands dry and began to walk over to the edge of the building. Carefully treading around the pebbles splayed near the edge, I sat myself down and looked at the beautiful sun once again.


The people below were about to start getting up I noticed as I saw the sun hit the sundial below. I looked down and saw the six levels of flats below me. I grabbed a handful of dirt and began to rub it between both hands The friction of the dirt and water created a dense layer of mud as I continued to rub the mixture between my fingers and into my pores. The first stop was Mr Xiao's veggie patch, so without a moments hesitation I dropped myself from the edge of the building. The brickwork on this building was much more easier to manouver myself with unlike the last one. Last time I had tried swinging myself into someones porch by using what looked like a reasonable gripping stone but what I realised a second too late was that it was as loose as anything, which resulted in me falling five stories down before hitting the roof of a spice shop. Luckily the roof was made out of branches, otherwise it mightve caused serious injury. The shop owner wasn't too pleased though since I knocked about half the roof off. Falling down for half a second I gripped unto the roughness of sandstone. Twisting my body in a star jump position I moved my left foot unto another as I then began to descend. The water that I had used to wash my body not only washed away most of the sweat and dirt from last nights slumber but also helped me focus on the job at hand. The mud helped my hands become slightly slippery and rougher so that I could easily let go of rocks whilst grasping and manouvering myself. Falling down for about five seconds, I crouched down in midflight as I approached the top floor. Landing on the white tiles of apartment 316, I landed with a soft thump without making any noise. Holding my breath tensely, I stayed crouching down in my landing position for five slow seconds before breathing out a bit and then standing up. Listening for any noises, I smiled slightly as I began to walk over to Mr Xiao's vegie patch. Grabbing two radishes and one tomato I looked behind me to make sure that I hadn't ben noticed. There were alot more food at bay but it would be risky if I took too much, otherwise he would get suspicious of someone harvesting his vegetables. Bending down to one of the tomatoes, I began to gnaw with my two front teeth. Leaving behind a mark like this would get rid of the suspicion of someone taking his vegetables and would focus his attention instead on pests getting their mouths on it instead. Shoving the three vegetables in my pocket, I began to carefully tiptoe to the edge of the verandah. Taking a sharp breath inwards I leapt into the air cautiously as I splayed my arms above my head. Landing with one foot on the ledge and one foot in the air, I pivoted my body on a 90 degree angle before bending down on my left foot and pushing myself upwards as I leapt into the air. It was important to not leav any traces of my entrance and exit since any sign of evidence could blow my cover. My hands were covered with grime so I had to firtt carefully get myself up unto the ledge without using my hands. As I flew into the air I felt my body slowly spiral before I shot my right hand forward and got hold of a brick. Clenching the brick momentarily with my right hand I shot my left hand up whilst using my right hand as a booster as I let go again whilst swinging the weight of my body upwards. Shooting both hands up this time, I grabbed hold of the ledge on the roof and hanged from it. Taking three slow breaths, I moaned quietly as I lifted myself up using both hands and finally toppled my body unto the roof. Lying down on the pebbles I began to catch my breath. Catching my breath momentarily, I stood up and brushed myself off as I walked over to the shelter. Going back to the bucket I plucked the three vegetables from my pocket and dropped them into the bucket. Sitting down next to the bucket I sighed and looked back up at the sky. For my whole life this was the only way for me to survive. Some people called it thieving or stealing but none of it mattered to me. In Singapore no one bats an eyelid at a kid on the street with dirty rags for clothes and bones for arms. There was alot of begging in Singapore and most of the people here had now grown a resistance to feeling guilty to the countless amounts of people begging for food or money on the streets. Singapore for as long as I could remember was getting rid of every piece of land that hinted nature and replaced it with industrial blocks of buildings and houses.


"Another day" I sighed. Placing my hand into the bucket I grasped a small radish in my hand. Still looking up at the sky I brushed the radish on my shirt before taking a bite out of it. The bitter juices dripped down my chin as I greedily ate away at it. Swallowing the bits and pieces of it, I looked down at the rags I wore. I had been wearing the same pair of faded denim pants and black t-shirt for over a month now. Soon I would have to find something else to wear or else the clothes would become contaminated from germs or deterioration. Looking back up at the sky I now saw that the sunrise was now over. It felt sad knowing that Singapore was getting rid of all the plants and trees. Sighing once again, I began to think the same thought that had been constantly playing on my mind. I wish I could fly. Lowering my head down slowly I began to splay my fingers out. Sometimes if I was doing this for long enough and if I closed my eyes and concentrated hard enough I could imagine being one with the sky. The sky in Singapore wasn't exactly clear blue like I had heard it was supposed to be but, the sky was something I had always secretly loved. No matter what everyone in Singapore done with the nature on land, I always reminded myself that they couldn't touch the sky.


The sky was something that only the angels had control over. Well that's what I liked to think. I didn't believe in any of that of course though. I mean if there were angels and servants of good then why was I being punished? Why did I have no family? Why didn't I have a normal life? Opening my eyes slightly, I rolled them and stood up. Thinking about thoughts so trivial would get me no where in life. I had lived my life on my own alone and sure, when I was young I used to wonder "why was I so unlucky" but at the end of the day it came to the simple saying "life isn't fair". I had to suck it up and that is exactly what I had done for the past sixteen years or so of my life. Clenching my hand into a fist I lifted it above my head.

"No time to waste" I said to myself as I unclenched my fist and placed it on the ground before pushing myself off the ground. I walked over to the otherside of the building where there were rooftops of other buildings not that far below. A sudden gust of wind hit the roof. I squinted my eyes as the air blew through my hair and brushed against my skin. My hair was a dark brown and was shoulder length. Over the years I found a way where I could get my hair to knot itself up so it appeared shorter and helped not get into the way of things like going searching for food or running from shop owners. The last thing I wanted afterall was my hair whipping back and forth in my face. I had cut my hair to my ears when I was little with a broken knife blade but even though I didn't care what others thought of me and my looks, I somehow didn't feel that it was right to abuse my hair like that. Stupid right?

Leaning forwards I looked down and saw the dark alleyways that twisted and turned. Early in the day, alot of people liked to take shortcuts in town so they took alleyways because early in the morning the alleyways looked less threatening. Of course the tourists loved to showoff on the mainstreets but if you were a local, most of the time none of that mattered. Letting my eyes wander back and forth, I began to try and look for easy prey. To survive on your own you need two things. Food and water. Now although you may think it would be hard to find, that is where you are wrong. The street merchants and stores that are in Singapore sell things that range from Indian spices to toys and games. Food and water used to be a problem I admit but after years of learning things like locating reasonable rubbish tips with valuables or streets that bustled with crowds of people, you eventually would form an idea on how you would get your hands on valuables as well as food and other supplies.


I quickly swerved my head to the right. "I swear I just thought I saw someone" I said slowly craning my neck forwards. Looking closer and focusing my undivided attention solely on the right my knack had proved to be right. Smiling to myself I spotted an elderly person walking with a suitcase in one hand and a walking stick in the other. Crouching down on the ledge, I leaned back and sprung myself forward. Swinging back had given me the extra power to land myself on top of the next building. Looking down I saw he was quite quick on his feet for an old person. "Let's get this show on the road" I said to myself before breaking from the crouch position and running forward.





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