Rachel Cage

Rachel has never talked to anyone nor does she remember her past. Living by herself and thieving off the streets of Singapore is hard enough but what happens when Rachel's world is turned upside down. In the midst of Rachels normal thieving chores, she assumes that a little old man walking down a narrow path is easy prey. But what she doesn't know is that this man will change her life forever. The things you read in fantasy novels just might turn out to be true, and you may have a part in all of it.

Note: This is my first attempt at writing and publishing a story. Commenting, liking and favoriting will make me publish more chapters due to the fact that im not entirely sure if this story will be worth continuing. Thanks for reading and please enjoy.


1. No name - Prologue on the main character

It was another hot night just like anyother. The people below mixed in with the chaos of Singapore as the lights flickered and danced. The chaos looked alot like the shifting of a kaleidoscope shifting continuesly as the vast colors and people enveloped on one another. I had once used a kaleidoscope but only for a vast amount of time before the old lady who owned the shop pushed me out. I wasn't exactly appealing to most of your local citizens in the area so for my whole life I had to shuffle from place to place, street to street in order to survive and not gain acknowledgment from anyone. It wouldn't have really bothered me even if they did catch me though, afterall I had no identity. I know what you're thinking right, here comes another long D.N.M story on my life but before you judge let me explain. For as long as I have known I have no recollection of my family. Ive been wandering the streets ever since I was a little girl and through the past sixteen or so years of my life I have always wondered, why was I not normal? Oh and to top it all off I don't have a name. When I was young I used to try and come up with a name for myself. My top three names were: Pink, Lucy and Princess. But whilst I was trying to decide which one suited me most it hit me.  I didn't need a name. I mean if I had a name who would use it? Not any of the locals for one because most of them either hated me or didn't know I existed and two, I couldn't use it for myself because that would highlight my loneliness.

Well that sucks I thought straight after before breaking down and crying. I used to cry alot when I was younger. My cuteness and tears used to gain sympathy from the locals which resulted by them feeding me but as soon as I grew out of my cute, innocent body people began to start ignoring me. I hated most people in Singapore and I know that's a harsh thing to say but some of them were the most un-sympathetic people I have ever met. There were of course your tourists but all that they were interested in was partying and site seeing; and that is how I got into the arts of thievery.

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