Down To Earth (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Helena is an angel. Her father, Clyde, doesn't believe in love. Helena accepts her father's challenge to prove that love really exists. Her father sends her to Earth where she meets Harry Styles. Can she prove it to her father in time?


1. Prologue


Hi, fellow Directioners! This is a new story! We hope you like it & read it til the very end. Yes, it is WE. We are two people, actually. I'm Camille. Criselle is my friend. We collaborated & decided to make a 1D fan fic. Anyway, enjoy this prologue! We would also like to dedicate this to Aeya Lim for being our supportive. Follow her on Twitter @andrAEYAA. Follow me, too @RiannaCamille.   ~♥~   I feel the sunlight soaking my skin as I stroll in the Heavens. Feeling bliss, I sigh in content. Suddenly, my wings are itching to make an appearance. I spread them out & let them tower over me. I bend my knees, exerting effort as I jump, flapping my wings in the process. I take flight. Flying is a feeling I cannot get enough of. I love feeling the gentle breeze kiss my face. As I soar above the clouds, I feel so liberated & free. Feeling fairly worn out after flying around & around, I alight on the clouds & tuck in my wings. Below the clouds, I make out two figures walking hand-in-hand.Being an angel, I have heightened senses. I can see, hear & smell something even if it is miles away. I peer through the clouds & focus my attention on the humans. It was a boy & a girl. The boy has blond-hair hair styled in a messy manner. As for the girl, she has brown hair. They sit on a bench & face each other.   “Daniel,” The girl begins. “Why did you bring me here?”   Daniel, the blond-haired boy, I suppose, did not reply. Instead, he opens his mouth & begins to sing to her.   I close my eyes & feel myself getting lost in his voice. It is smooth & mesmerizing. When he stops singing, I open my eyes & notice the girl’s eyes glistening.   “I just wanted you to know that I love you, Stella.” Daniel whispers, holding Stella’s face in his hands. “So much.”   “I love you, too. She whispers back.   I feel the corners of my mouth twitching up as I hear that word again.   Love.   I am really perplexed by it. I hear that word often when I observe some humans but I have no idea what it is. However, I know it is powerful & it exists. I glance at the sky & notice it turning into sepia. I should head back. My father must be worrying about me. I spread my wings & take flight once again. After a while, I reach my home. I tuck my wings in & head to my father’s study. I knock on the door.   “Come in.” His voice calls out.   I turn the doorknob & let myself in.   My father is the leader of the angels. They all respect him by bowing when he passes by.   “Hello, father.” I say formally.   “What took you so long, Helena?” He questions me. “I almost sent an army to look for you.”   I mentally roll my eyes. That is another thing about my father. He is super protective of me. He probably thinks that I could not take care of myself. Well, the joke is on him.   “Relax. I am still alive.” I calm him down.   “Very well,” He speaks with so much authority. “What can I do for you?”   I sit on one of the wooden chairs by his desk.   “Father, do you know what love is?” I ask.   Fury suddenly takes over his monotonous expression.   “Yes, I know what it is.” He says through gritted teeth. “But it does not exist.”   I suddenly feel aggravated. “Yes, it does! I heard two humans say that to each other a while ago. I often hear people say that when I observe them.”   “It is because humans are delusional creatures. You can live a long, happy life without love.” He said the word ‘love’ with so much disgust.   I stand up from the chair, letting rage take over me. “How could you say that? You do not even know a thing about it!”   He lets out a humorless laugh. “And you do?”   What he says is true. I do not know a thing about love but I believe in it. I see the effect it has on the two lovers.   My father sighs. “I am going to give you a chance to prove that this love exists.” He probably notices the determined look that I am giving him because he continues speaking.   “I will send you to Earth & you will prove it to me. If you do, you will get a special prize from me. However, if you do fail, you will stay here & lose your privilege of observing the humans. You will never see them again. What do you say?”   I ponder for a moment. I do not want to lose my privilege of observing the humans. However, I also want to prove to my father that love really exists. I look at my father with a determined expression.   “I will do it.”   He smirks. “That is the spirit! You have four months to prove it to me.” He approaches me. He places his middle finger & index finger on my forehead as he closes his eyes.   Just wait, father. I am going to prove it to you. I think as darkness envelopes me.
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