Dear ________

Im an idiot and for the first time in a long time I have fallen for a girl and Im feeling all these strange emotions at once. What is no better way but to express what im feeling right now on Movellas?


1. Dear _____

Slowly my heart begins to lift as I see you in the light, never once in my life have I ever felt this way.
My senses and properties of how I carry myself have been lost in the awe of your beauty and grace. I found myself stupidly losing myself to the way you carried yourself never once did I think I would lose myself. You effortlessly smile and you somehow make my body drift into a sea of wavering awe and fearlessness. I now carefully try and not make a scene as I pass you since I don't want you to think of me as a person you would not like. You are my everything and yet I know I will probably never tell you. I cant seem to even skim my fingers on the edge of coming into a world so magical and beyond my imagination. I can't seem to muster enough courage to talk to you because I am afraid I won't be to your liking. I think the warm clamming in my body when I see you is enough to make me happy. Although I don't want to seem that cruel I would never dream of you to be with anyone since you are too beautiful for any of the guys around you. Never thinking someone would change me turned out to be a surprise where I found myself lost in the trance of your kindness and voice. Hearing you laugh and talk makes me feel like nothing on Earth is real anymore since happiness this lighthearted cannot be something of this world. I hope to talk to you when I become a better person and even though I write this note and know you will never find it I hop that someday I can be someone special to you and hope to be a person to be by your side no matter what.

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