One Direction Wedding

A romantic novel of love. Thats always in the air!!!


19. With Payal and Harry

Niall and I were driving down the road to get some food then Payal called me and she said "Hey wacha doin?" I said "Nothing going to get some food do you guys wanna come?" Payal asked Harry and they said "yes" So me and Niall went to pick them up then went to go eat . It was good then me and Payal and the boys went to the studio. 

    Me and Payal were just sitting and talking and we fell asleep.So the boys got done and woke us up. I was hungry so I told them and they already had food for me. Then we got on the road again to go home. Niall and    I went home and Harry and Payal went to their house. 

     Well me and Harry got home safe. Kater called me and said "Hey me and Niall are going to lie down for a little while do not disturb." I said "Ok and bye." She said "Bye." When I got off the phone Harry gently pushed me to the wall and we started to kiss slowly. Then we went to get some food and lied down for a little while. Then I called Katie and she didnt answer the phone so I called Niall he didnt answer the phone either. So I told Hazza and we went their house and opened the door and the were asleep gosh they had us scared to death. 

 We woke them up Katie's head was on Niall's chest thats how they usually sleep so yea. When we woke them up they both said "Whattttttttttttt?" Harry and I said " We were worried about yall" They said "We are dine and we are going back to bed." We said "Okay."

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