One Direction Wedding

A romantic novel of love. Thats always in the air!!!


20. What to do?

So after Harry and Payal got worried about us we woke up. Well Niall stayed in bed for a while then I teased him with some food and he got up right away I asked him " What do you want to eat honey?" he said "Umm how about some steak,mash potatoes, and some gravy." I said "Okay coming up." Then I finished cooking and Niall said "Is the food done princess?" I said "Yes prince Niall I fixed both of our plates too!" he said "Ok" Then we finished our food.  

       Niall asked me did he want me to come to the club with him and the boys and Payal, but I told him Payal and I are staying here for tonight. he said "ok" So while they were gone I really had to tell Payal something that Niall didnt know. So when the boys left she asked me "Ok Kater whats up you always want to go to the club" I said "Well I kinda have to tell you something Niall doesnt know and well umm I dont know how to tell him." she said "Tell me" I said "Well urmm Im like uhh well  lets just say me and Niall did it and ummmm I'm preg before I could get it out my mouth she said "Kater!!! You have to tell Niall!!!!" I said "I know I'll tell Harry but he cant tell Niall." 

    So I texted Harry and I said "Harry I'm pregnat and you cant tell Niall I will tell him and yea." Harry replied back he said"OMG Kater really we are all coming to Niall and your house and you will tell him." So I said "Harry ughh ok fine!" The boys got home and I said "Nialler?" he said "Yes." then the boys said "OOOOOOO!" I said "Shut up you guys and NIall I'm preg.... before I could get it out again "Niall said "OMG Kater you are having a baby what are we going to name it hmmm I have to get everything planned well the names any way."

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