One Direction Wedding

A romantic novel of love. Thats always in the air!!!


12. Wedding Shopping

Ok last night was an alright sleep.Niall woke up after me when I cooked breakfeast and I told about what happened about me and Demi and he was like "Oh thats interesting." I said "Yea." So we ate and everybody came over. Then we all planned for the girls to shop for wedding stuff like dresses and the boys to get a suit.

  So we took the lemo they took the other lemo.We had got a very pretty green princess wedding dress for me. Then for Payal we got a nice blue wedding dress. But our weddings werent gonna be at the same time hers would be right after mine and we would get two of everything. But music we shall share.

   I'm kinda scared about the wedding with Demi being there and all. I mean I think I got everything together between us. I love Niall nothing will make me change my mind. When his eyes meet mine I feel weird I dont know why though I guess its just butterflys. Well like in the song Dna he tells me he loves me when I least except it and he flutters my heart when he kisses my neck. I love that song its so addicting. I love how Niall sings to me.

      So I sing with him or to him before or after. When we were shopping Louis called me he said " Katie I need you to come to the hostpital!'" I said "Why?" He said "Its Niall hurry up!" I said "OMG ok bye!' So I said "Girls lets go we got to go to hospital no questions lets go." We got to the hostpital Niall was ok but he stay so I stayed with him. I sung to him I sung "Gotta Be You" to him. He loved it. 

    Then we fell asleep. My phone went of I cut it done so I wouldnt wake Niall up. It was Harry. He said " Hey. Hows Niall doin?" I said "Fine he is asleep right now."He said "O so what you doin?" I said "Nothing worried about Niall and Demi." He said "Why?" I said "What if Niall starts to date Niall and forget about me." He said "Dont worry he loves you the last word he said before he went to the hospital was "Tell Katie I love her and dont let anything happen to her." We all said "Okay." So I said "Awww I love yall." He said "We all love you too." I said "Goodnight I'm getting tired." so he said "Goodnight talk to you tomorrow."

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