One Direction Wedding

A romantic novel of love. Thats always in the air!!!


11. Time to sleep

Okay I couls not sleep knowing what Demi said. I mean I know that she had her chance with him but he has moved on. I likes me now or should I say loves me. Well I guess I would just text Faith and Payal to see if they are up cause its 3:oo am. Well Faith wasnt up but Payal was so i just texted her. She said "Watcha need?" I said "I cant sleep knowing what Demi thinks about I mean thats like jacked up." 

   Payal said "I know. What you can do!" so I said "What?" she said "Niall has her number and you know is password to his phone so text her from his phone." I said "Thanks I will well I'll tell you what she says."she said "Okay."

     So I woke Niall up and asked him could I use his phone he said "Yea." I said "Thanks" Then he goes back to bed. So I texted Demi she said "Hey cutie." I said "This isn't Niall" she said "Who is it." I said Katie is soon to be his wife." she said "Oh what do you want?" I said "I want you to come to my wedding and I want us to become friends." she said "Really I was just mad cause Niall didnt tell me I'll call the press tomorrow and take back everything I said." I said "Ok and gave her my number."

        Me and Demi are friends now so I can go to bed.

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