One Direction Wedding

A romantic novel of love. Thats always in the air!!!


5. The Boys are Back

Harry and Niall are back at the house. Me and Payal asked " Where were yall at?" They said "We cant say its a suprise." We said "Ok I guess."So me and Payal were kinda sad that they couldnt tell us so it must be a really big suprise.

    So we are with all the boys and out of nowhere Liam said "Cowboy Woody!" Niall and I were the first ones to bust out laughing. Then we decided to watch Toy Story , Toy Story 2, and Toy Story 3. So we had popcorn witch Niall and I mostly ate. So we started to watch a scary movie Nightmare On Elm Street. Honstly thats the scariest to me. So Niall held me the hole time I loved that.

     Then Payal said "So when are we gonna eat?" Naill and Harry looked at each other and said"Now I guess." So I was like "Yay we get to eat!" Niall said "Yes Kater we do and I'm hungry too." So we go to Red Lobster. I really love their breadsticks anyway we got ready. When me and Payal came down the boys said "Wow!" I had on really pretty green makeup that Payal did she had preety blue makeup on.So we got in the car and went to eat. I couldnt wait to eat.

       Niall and Harry started to sing "Little Things" to me and Payal. We started to blush. 

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