One Direction Wedding

A romantic novel of love. Thats always in the air!!!


15. The Big Day

OMG it's here the wedding. Im so nervous I woke up before Niall I just layed there until he woke up. When he woke up he said "Good Morning Beautiful." I said "Good Morning Honey." Then we kissed took a shower and put some cloths on not for the wedding though that wasnt until 5:00 in the evening. 

    Ok I woke up with Katie beside me looking at her beautiful face was just awesome. Today is the wedding I'm happy but nervous. I wonder what Payal and Harry are doing I'll ask later.Well me and my princess will be watching a movie I think "Nightmare On Elm Street 4" Shes getting the popcorn.

   Payal is asleep she looks so cute sleeping I mean she is like my kitten. While she was asleep I put my arm around and its like I'm in heaven I love her and the wedding is today. I guess we will go watch a scary movie with  Niall and Kater.

    Ok Harry put his hand around me this morning. Then we went to watch ascary movie with Nialler and Kater after we got ready. Its been a good day so far. The wedding is today I wonder what Katie is thinking oh well. I love the ring Niall got her so much I wonder what ring Harry got me well Katie knows but she wont tell me and I wont tell her. 

   Ok during the movie Katie got scared so I cuddled with her her head on  my chest oh so comfortable Im in love with her and all her little things (you see what i did there). I mean she gets scared. I'm happy she has me to protect her. Zayn said this the other day " Katie is the luckest girl in the world." I said "How" He said "Because she has you as a boyfriend almost husband." I said "Thanks."



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