One Direction Wedding

A romantic novel of love. Thats always in the air!!!


27. Telling Katie

                                                                                              Harry's POV

Today Niall is telling Katie so i'm getting ready to go over their and so is Payal he is going to tell Katie about the tour when the babies are taking a nap which is in one hour. So we gotta get going I hope Kate will be alright she is like my lil sis.

                                                                                              Payal's POV

Now Harry is rushing me so we could get to Katie's. So we would be there for her and Niall.

                                                                                              Niall's POV

Hazza and Payal are her and before the babies went to sleep I sung Just the Way you Are to Katie. Well its time to tell Katie. I said to Katie "Can I tell you something Katie?" Katie said "Sure whats up with a smile on her face" I said "Well the group is going on tou- (Before I got sentence out of my mouth she started to cry a little. then I said "Katie I really want to be here but I cant and you know I love you and the kids." she didn't say anything she ran to the bathroom I ran after her and by the time I got here the door was closed and locked when I tried to open the door Harry and Payal where behind me and I could hear Katie crying when I heard her I felt a tear stream down my face and I said "Katie please let me in" she said "Okay" When she opened the door I ran in and saw her go back and she sat on the bath tub rime I closed the door behind me and locked it and sat beside her she was still crying and I said "Katie" she said "Yes" I put my arm around her and she put her head on my chest as I hugged her and I said "Katie you know I don't like to see you cry and I really want you to be happy" she said "Niall I cant do this alone how am I suppose to sleep without you the bed just wont feel right me and the kids will miss you very much but you have to do what you have to do" she said as the tears strum down her face I started to cry with her and said " Im going to miss yall to and I promise I'll call and text" We left the bathroom and said "Bye to Payal and Harry. and went to bed I cuddled with Katie all night and I just couldn't sleep thinking about what happened when Katie was crying.

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