One Direction Wedding

A romantic novel of love. Thats always in the air!!!


16. Still The Big Day!

Ok 30 min before the wedding I'm stilling getting ready Perri is doing my makeup and Faith is doing Payal's. We both look beautiful. I love how we look looking at Payal's dress shes looking at mine I love it. We made some changes the wedding is going to be at the same time. I wonder what Niall is thinking I wonder can I text Harry oh yea my phone is at the house I cant text. Man I wish I should have thought about that.Before we went out me and Payal are singing I'm happy. We are singing "Torn" Its a awesome song.

   I wonder what Harry is thinking I cant text Niall because I left my phone at home I wish I would have thought of that so asked Kater to use her phone she said "I left mine at home just like you did I wish I would have thought of that." I said "We think the same lol" She just giggled. So we get done singing and we both go out. We are both smiling staring at the guys.

   Wow Katie looks beautiful thats makes it me more nervous but its special her dress fits her perfectly I really love it. I can tell she is nervous ,and she is just staring at us it feels like its just me and her right now. I just stare at her. Her makeup is perfect I can tell Perri done it. Payal's makeup Faith done you can tell because lots of glitter.I love Katie I cant believe its true to good to be true a good fairy tell. She was the princess now the Queen I was the prince now I'm the King. 

     Payal looks beautiful I love her my kitten. She is funny and amazing just the way she is. She is staring at me. Katie and Payal look beautiful perfect. I mean thats good. I love how Payal is amazing thats good I love her. Niall looks nervous I can tell. It's kinda fun watching Niall he looks hungry Katie looks  hungry too.

  OMG they both look beautiful my girl Perri done a good job with makeup for Katie I loved it. 

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