One Direction Wedding

A romantic novel of love. Thats always in the air!!!


6. Red Lobster

We made it to Red Lobster. Niall and I where the first ones out the car. So Harry and Payal said "Let us order first cause yall would take forever to order."So Niall ordered for us he suprised me all he said was "We will take spahgetti for two please." We were all suprised. So the bred sticks came out we ate them.Then the food came out. Me and Niall were eating then we done the spahgetti kiss on a accident it was sweet. Harry and Payal said "Awww" Niall and I were laughing.

   After me and Niall kissed music started to play 30 min. after. Then Harry and Niall got on their knees. Payal looked at me I looked at her and then we looked down. Then at the same time Niall and Harry said "Will you marry me?" Then at the same time Payal and I started to cry and we both said "YES I will!" We were so happy. The ring I got was beautiful I looked at my hand the at Niall  then I kissed him.

    When the Katie said "YES!" I was so happy I was nervous and I thought she would say no I was wrong I could tell she loved the ring. She even started to cry thats special to me. I'm in love with her she is so funny and sometimes we would just laugh at the same time at nothing.

   When Payal said "YES!" my heart was racing I was suprised. I was happy I could tell she was happy cause she smiled at me while crying. I never felt like this about anyone only her. I love her she is awesome and she loves Katie like a big sister and I feel the same about Katie I feel like she the older one.


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