One Direction Wedding

A romantic novel of love. Thats always in the air!!!


21. Niall

Niall's expression really surprised me I can't believe it I'm soo happy that he is happy!! I know Harry made me tell him that night but I feel much better now! Niall told me to come to bed room he wanted to talk to me and I knew we wearing going to bed because nobody had left yet they all decided to stay and talk about the baby Zayn called Perry ,Lou called Eleanor,and Liam called Daniella! The girls where all so shocked and when Niall told me to come to the bed room he said me "I don't think I would be a good dad." I said "Niall honey you will don't worry the baby will love you for who you are because to me I think u would be a great dad!"Niall gently took both of my hands pushed me to the wall and started to kiss me.
I can't believe it it wasn't the response I was expecting but it was great I loved then we stopped and went to talk to everybody! When we walked in Lou said "Niall your our kid and your having kid haha!" Then laughter filled the room! Then we all thought it was time to go to bed so everybody left and me and Niall went to bed. We lied there just talking for a while then we feel asleep. My sleep was interrupted by Niall asking if I was ok. I said "Niall I'll be fine if something goes wrong I'll wake you up and then while your putting on your cloths I'll call the boys."Niall said "Okay princess but I would still have to make sure you know?"
I said "Yes Niall I know so can we go back to sleep now?" He said "Yes darling." Then he leaned over and gently kissed me on the cheek. He didn't know what was on my mind I guess. When I was half way asleep Niall woke me up again he said "Baby I can't sleep can we go watch some movies?" I said "Honey it's 1:35am but ok because you can't sleep." So we got up and watched all of the Twilight movies and Finding Nemo and all of the Toy Story movies in the the middle of our last movie The Notebook I feel asleep in the middle if it on Niall's chest and he leaned back and got comfortable so I could his arm was around me he sat comfortable and I layed down my head on his chest ,and the rest of my body was lying on the couch.Then when I woke up I saw Nialls head leaned over with his arms around me.So I thought to myself and said I would go back to sleep. Then a couple of hours later he woke me up and asked for breakfast this time he said "What would you like for breakfast babe?" I said "Waffles,eggs,and biscuit and To drink I'll orange juice please." He said "No problem!"
After a while he brought me my food and orange juice and we watched Spongebob Squrepants while eating.I just love when me and Niall hang out its soo fun! It wasn't long after we got done eating there was a knock on the door Niall said "Don't worry princess I'll get the door." He yelled "Who is it?" They said "It's Payal and Harry!" Niall said "Ok I'm opening the door" Then they walked in and said "Hey Kater,How are you doing?" I said "Guys I'm fine you didn't have to ask."then Payal said "Katie and Niall y'all are like us and the boys kids and y'all are having a baby and watching Spongebob!" Niall and I said "Haha Yeah that's just how we are!" We all started to laugh! Harry said "How about we all go to the pool?" With excitement me and Niall said "Yayyyy!!!"while jumping up and down like little kids,and Payal said "See?"
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