One Direction Wedding

A romantic novel of love. Thats always in the air!!!


4. Next doy for Niall and Harry

Well last night was unexpected for the girls. I wonder what they are wearing dont you Harry says Niall. Well yea I also wonder what the guys told them. "Yea me too and do you think Katie would like this ring?" "Niall you are to worried Katie would like anything you give her." Niall says "Well she didnt like the shark suprise and neither did Payal." Harry says "True  but I think she would love that ring."

     "Thanks for the helpnow we need to find a ring for Payal." Harry says "Yea how bout this one?" Niall says "Wanna trade that would be perfect for my princess?"Harry says "Ok cause the one you picked looks perfect for my kitty cat!"Niall says "Ok lets go pay for the rings." Harry says "Ok lets go."

   So we made it back home finally. We kinda bumped into Justin Bieber. So you know I had to stop and talk. 

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