One Direction Wedding

A romantic novel of love. Thats always in the air!!!


3. Next day for Katie and Payal

Well Payal and I woke up and met for breakfeast. It was so good couldnt stop eating like Niall witch is usually. Payal started to talk about last night and we are just wondering. I said "Hopefully its something good." she said "Yea remember last time we went to see sharks." I said "Yea I was scared and Niall hugged me." We finshed eating and went back to the house.

      We found a note it was from the boys but Liam,Lou, and Zayn were at the house. Instead of reading the not Liam,Zayn,and Lou told us when we walked in. They said "Niall and Harry told us to tell yall to go get blue and green dresses for tonight with this cars." We said gosh this must be a really good suprise.

   So we went to get pretty dresses. They were beautiful. Mine was  a pretty,puff,green dress. I loved it. Payal's was the same except blue we loved the dresses we fell in love with them. We said "I love the boys so mouch!"

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