One Direction Wedding

A romantic novel of love. Thats always in the air!!!


13. Next Day at the Hostpital

Ok I woke up before Niall and I texted Harry I said "Good Morning bro." He said "Good morning. Hows Niall?" I said "He is doing fine but he is still asleep I dont want to disturb him when he wakes up I will text you and can I ask you something?" He said "Ok and yeah." I said "Can you get Niall a I love you teddy bear and I'll come pick it up while he is asleep?" Hazza said "Sure iI'm at the dollor store I'll fix some food too." 

  I said "Thank the Lord I hate their food." He said "LOL" I said "Ok" then we stopped talking and I went to get the food and teddy bear. When I got there I gave the boys and girls a big hug and said "Thanks and I gotta go text me." They said "Your welcome and ok." So I got in the car and went to the hostpital. I got there and when I started to eat Niall woke up he said "Good Morning princess." with a smile on his face. I said "Good Morning prince."

    Then I asked did he want some of my food he said "Yes thank you I hate their food!" I giggled. Then I said "I got a suprise for you." He said "You didnt have to. I said "I know but I wanted to." He said can I see it." I said "Ok Nialler." So I got his present  he said "You got me and I love you teddy bear but I already got one and its you Kater." I was like "AWWWW."

    Then I texted Hazza and told him to come to the hostpital. He said "On the way." So I told Niall. He was happy.Then when the guys came in the nurse comes and said " Niall you can go now." So the guys leave while me and Nialler get dressed. Then we all go out for ice cream.I say "Yayyy!!!!" like a little kid.

    I was happy. 


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