One Direction Wedding

A romantic novel of love. Thats always in the air!!!


10. In The Mall

Well we are in the mall when these reporters came up to me and Payal. They said "Is it true you and Niall are getting married?" I say "Yes it is true" They asked Payal "Is it true Harry and Niall asked you and Katie to marry yall at the same time she said "Yes"After that I call Niall. He said "Whats wrong darlin" I said "Nothing these reporters came up to me and Payal and asked us if you asked me to marry you and did yall ask us at the same time." Niall said "Oh no big deal. Dont worry honey." I say "Ok well see ya when I get home I'll text you bye love you." He says "Bye love you too."

    So the girls ask what happen. So Katie tells them what happend. Then we went on and got our dresses. We hung out a little longer just taking pictures, twitting, and talking. Then Payal drove us back home. Well we made it home and when we walked in the door the boy looked at as then back at the tv watching the news. Zayn took Perri home then he went home so did all the other guys and girls. They went home to watch the news. Niall and I watched the news they were talking about the engagement.

 Then Niall got a call from Harry and Harry said "Turn to channel 27!" So Niall did and Demi Lovato was talking about me and Niall she was saying me and Niall shouldnt get married. So I ran to the bathroom while crying so I could cry more. Then Niall came in to cuddle me but I couldnt get happy I was so sad. So he said "Dont worry about what she says .No matter what you shall always be my princes. Demi is just jelouse of you because you got me and my heart."So I felt better and I said "I  would have to be the luckiest girl to have you Niall I love you."

    So then the girls call me and say everything would be alright the guys do the same.So me and Niall call it a night and go to bed.


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