One Direction Wedding

A romantic novel of love. Thats always in the air!!!


17. I Do

Omg I'm freaking out what if Katie say no hopefully she will say I do I can only hope. She looks beautiful how many times have I said that oh well I gotta to stop telling yall my thoughts lets go to Hazza.

 Ok hopefully Payal says I do and did Niall just say lets get to Hazza thought in his mind and it came straight to mine man I wish I would have known that earlier. Well thats good of my thoughts lets skip to Kater. 

   Wow I cant believe Hazza didnt know about the passing thoughts things anyway back to me. So I'm gonna say I do I wonder what Niall would say well hopefully I do we wont know until later once we all get done with our thought well let me wrap it up and send it to Paypal (Payal).

 Ok how did Kater and Nialler now about the thought passing but me and Hazza didnt those tricky short people. But back to me I cant let yall know what I'm gonna say but yall should know by now though so yea. Lets get back to the wedding I guess well bye :).

Do you Katie Teonna Cain take Niall James Horan to be your husband blah blah blah please say I do so I said "I do with a smile one my face. Do you Niall James Horan take Katie Teonna Cain to be your lovely wife he says "I do!" Then they go to Paypal and Hazza.

     Do you Payal Patel take Harry Edward Styles to be your husband blah blah blah please say I do so I said "I do!". Do you Harry Edward Styles take Payal Patel to be your lovely wife he says "I do!!!" Then we hear "Yall may kiss the bride" 

  So me and Nialler had a very nice longs kiss and I love the ring he gave me it was beautiful then we finally got to eat.I was happy me and Nialler feed each other.

   Harry"s kiss was awesome the ring he got was beautiful I'm officially Payal Styles and Katie is finally Katie Teonna Horan. I cant wait to get home in some sweets and we are all going to the beach for the honey moon. 

    Katie Horan that sounds perfect Niall and Katie Horan. I wish yall could have seen Demi's face she was crying. 

   Payal Styles and Harry Styles perfect.!







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