One Direction Wedding

A romantic novel of love. Thats always in the air!!!


18. Honey Moon

Niall got us a nice cabin to stay in while we were at the beach. Well I wanted to ask Niall something but i couldnt. I was scared to. Then Niall said "Katie" I said "Yes" He said "Can I ask you something?" I said "Sure" He said "Lets have se*!" In my head I was like "OMG I was going to say that" I said "YES!!!"H e said "WOW you are excited." I was like "I have been waiting to ask you that." 

    So we did it and it was wow best day of me life. His hair was wow when we got done mine looked horrible. So we both looked at each other it was sweet I loved it then we herd a knock on the door we both got up and said "Who is it?" It was Payal and Hazza me and Niall said "Hold on!" They said "Ok." We put our clothes on I fixed my hair Niall went to get the door. I walked in and at the same time Payal and Harry said "Did yall just have it." Niall and I looked each other smiled and nodded.


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