One Direction Wedding

A romantic novel of love. Thats always in the air!!!


2. Harry and Payal

Hi I'm Payal i guess Kater (aka Katie) summed me and Harry up for you. I love her she is like a big sis to me and I'm older. She pushes me to try things.Well lets get to more of me and Harry.It all started last night when we were talking.

  Kater called me she said "OMG guess what!" I could tell she was out side so I said " Why are outside and what?" she said "I dont want Niall to hear me right now and Nialler asked me to go out with him tomorrow and he has something special! I wonder what it is?" I said "Well me and Hazza are talking right now so ttyl."

  So back to me and Harry. He said "Can I ask you something?" I said sure you didnt have to ask." He said "I know, but you wanna go out tomorrow with Kater and Nialler, Niall and I have somthing for you and Katie?" I said "Yes I would be happy to!" So then I think about what Katie and Harry said and I wondered.

    Then I thought about and I did see Harry texting on the phone and I did ask him who he was talking to and he said Niall. So  I texted Katie back. I said "Was Niall texting Harry when you two were talking?" Katie said "Yea why?" I said "Harry asked me to go out with you Niall and him he said "Niall and have somthing for you and Katie." she said "WOW thats weird.


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