One Direction Wedding

A romantic novel of love. Thats always in the air!!!


7. Going Home

When we where in the car me and Niall where in the front he was driving and holding my hand and smiling. Payal and Harry were in the back Harry was cuddling Payal. I was happy I didnt expect that I was suprised I didnt think it was going to happen. The  kiss was so sweet I loved it, it meant a lot it was special. Well me and Niall are official. I cant stop staring at the ring.

   When Harry was cuddling me in the car I felt safe. Then my phone went out Katie texted me when we were in the same car! It made me mad. I said "Katie really we are in the same car!" She said "Sorry justed wanted to see what you would say." But I still love her like my sis. So Harry said "Its alright kitten." I was like"I know but I still love her!"We all started to laugh. 

   When Katie was holding my hand I wanted to kiss her but I was driving. Then Harry sent me a text he said asked me should he kiss Payal so Katie sent him a message that said "Yes kiss her" so he did Katie was like "Awwww" Payal was happy. So we had a nice time in the car Katie started to sing "As Long As You Love Me" to me and then we both started to sing then we all did. It was a fun drive home.

    When I kissed Payal I oculd tell she was happy. I love how Katie just started to sing As Long As You Love Me and we all started to sing and started to laugh. Then did we ever tell you about Katie's cousin Faith she is funny like Lou so we got them together. They got together like last Friday. 

  When we got to the house we watched Breaking Dawn part 1 Katie and Payal love the Twilight Saga.

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