One Direction Wedding

A romantic novel of love. Thats always in the air!!!


8. At the house.

When we got to the house we saw Lou  Liam Zayn and Faith. When we walked in they crowded me and Payal so we showed them our rings and they said "Awww". Me and Payal went to my room and got in some sweat pants and a t shirt and started to jump around.

   When the girls went to change everybody said "Good job cant believe yall did it!" So Harry said "I was nervous kinda scared what about you Niall?" I said "I was nervous and scared." The girls came out .So we all started to watch Finding Nemo. Lou sat by Faith, Zayn sat by Perri cause she came over,Liam sat by Justin cause he came over, Harry sat by Payal, and I sat by my princess/ future queen Katie. My princess and I started to cry during the movie though.

     Well me and Katie are so happy but she is hungry. Harry said I was his kitten like usually except it felt diffrent this time. I guess because we are engaged. Katie and Niall are eating like usually and cuddling, Zayn and Perri are just sitting, Liam and Justin are talking, Faith and Lou are making each other laugh, and me and Harry are chilling. Well I really dont got anything to say.

   Well me and Niall are thinking about asking Katie and Payal to go dance but that would be tomorrow.We would be going to a ball because the Queen asked us and the guys to come and we could bring anyone. Zayn is taking Perri, Lou is taking Faith,, Liam is taking Katie and Payal's friend Hannah, Niall is asking Katie tonight, and I'm asking Payal tonight we might ask them in a minute so all the girls could go shopping. 

 The boys asked us to go to the ball with them I told Niall "Yes I would be happy to go with my prince." Payal said to Harry "Yes I would love to go with my kitten." So now all the girls are going to get dresses. All the boys gave us credit cards. Niall gave me his. Harry gave Payal his. Liam gave Hannah his. Lou gave Faith his. Zaun gave Perri his. So now we are going to hit the road but I aint driving. Perri said she would drive though so I say "Thank you.

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