One Direction Wedding

A romantic novel of love. Thats always in the air!!!


26. At Home

                                                                                                     Katie's P.O.V

Before I had the babbies I was scared. Know that I'm home I have time relax I was thinking but I was wrong babies are a lot of trouble when it comes to trying to relax. I wanted to have a break and sleep so I told Niall to take care of the kids while I was asleep he had help because Harry and Payal where there so I was thinking they would be fine. I was half way asleep when all of them came and woke me up and at the same time they said " The babies don't like us" I said "Ughh okay and Harry and Payal please go to the living room and fix the babies a bottle of milk while I hold them and talk to Niall." They said "Okay." They left out the room to make sure they weren't listing to me through the door I opened the door and they fell so I said "Get up and fix the bottles please." So I watched them go to the kitchen then shut the door and talked to Niall I said "Niall honey." He said "Yes princess' I said "Do you really think the kids don't like you?" He said "Yes I feel like a bad dad." so I said "Niall your the perfect father and they don't like you they love you and you may not think that but I know here hold Keaton for a moment he said "Okay" I said "See look in his eyes they look like yours just like Nichole has eyes like you too." and as Niall was holding both babies they start to smile at him and he said "Kater your right they do love me and we would make a great family and I make a good father I guess." So me and Niall left the room into the kitchen quietly and we saw Harry and Payal kissing so I said "So where are the bottles and they said "Ummmm we are making them."  I finally got the bottles and me and Niall feed the babies.

                                                                                                Niall's P.O.V

This why I love Katie she makes everything better. I have nothing else to say but Nichole and Keaton are so beautiful but I hate that I'm going on tour and I haven't told Katie and none of the boys have either and I told them that I would tell her. I don't know how to tell her if I tell what would she say how would she react if she crys I have to do something what do I do how will I tell her .

                                                                                             Harry's POV

So us boys are going on tour and Niall hasn't told Katie and I told Payal not to tell Katie because Niall wants to tell her. I wonder what Kater would say?

                                                                                              Payal's POV

The babies are beautiful. Katie doesn't know about the tour omg she is going to freak.

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