One Direction Wedding

A romantic novel of love. Thats always in the air!!!


14. At Home

During the ice-cream I dropped mine and I was "Aww" Niall said "We can share mine princess don't worry." I said "Thanks cupcake." So everybody was like "Awww how sweet."So me and Niall were sharing. Then we were on our way home I was happy.

    But I was scared its just 3 days away until we get married I mean like wow its just so fast. 

     Ok me and Harry are getting married in 3 days!!! I wonder what Kater is thinking I'll just text her. So I texted Katie she said "I'm so nervous what if something goes wrong what would we do I'm so scared what bout you." So I said "I feel the same way ."Katie said "We shouldnt worry lets just  Keep Calm and Love Niall and Harry." I said "lol well bye." she said"bye"

   Katie is just so beautiful. Her eyes are big and brown like a puppy dogs she has a good personalty and a nice smile I dont know what I would do without her. A day without her is like a year without rain. (Lol see what I did there.) So Justin is going to be at the wedding and me and the guys will sing Little things to Katie and Payal and at my part I will be singing just for Katie she is my princess. Right after the wedding before us Justin will sing "Fall" Katie loves that song.

   Payal is the reason why I smile.I love her. I feel the same way to her like Niall loves Katie. Payal and Katie are diffrent though Payal is a couple months older but Katie is more like an older sister to Payal. I just cant believe that we are getting married witch rymes with my name Harry. So Payal is my kitten I love her deeply I mean like a lot. 

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