One Direction Wedding

A romantic novel of love. Thats always in the air!!!


1. Niall and Katie.

Hi I'm Katie me and Niall have been dating for 5 years now. Every time I see him I smile and giggle. He has been acting funny now. I wonder what is up with him.He loves the band and me. Well you all know about Niall but not me. I have bestfriend Payal more of a sister then friend.

  Payal says I am more of her big sister but she's older than. We both love to sing together,and we love One Direction. Did I mention she has been dating Harry Styles for 5 years. This is how it started Payal and I have been friends for a long time.I toke her to a One Direction concert thats how we started dating Harry and Niall.

 Well you have learned about me and Niall. Well last night he asked me "Do you wanna go out to eat tomorrow I got something special for you but its a secret?" I said "Sure Nialler !"He was happy, I could tell.Then at the same time we both said "Lets rest up long day tomorrow."

 I kinda stayed up thinking about what will happen today its 2:00 i need to go to bed bye.

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