We were found missing

This story is about 5 boys and a girl that feel like nobody loves them. So,they are absent for several days,but then months. People started to notice that they weren't there. So people found out about them,they were just missing.


2. Oh,the sweet sarcastic

After the bathroom break we decided that after 2 hours we will get something to eat. Ugh,my stomach,it sounds like a whale is dying! I need something to eat right now! I just might take as nap until we get something to eat,just so I don't get too hungry and I eat one of the boys. Well,I could rest my lighted head on Zayn or Niall. I went with Niall's,for some reason,his shoulder feels better than Zayn's.

"Danna. Come on,time to get up." Niall said,moving my body until he saw me blinking and stretching. Since it was already 1:00 PM,were just gonna do lunch. "Mm,McDonalds." I said,looking at the big M that's on the roof. When I opened the door,you could immediately smell the chicken they have been making.

I got all of us a seat,Liam,who was placing the orders already knew what I wanted. When I looked at my shoes,I turned my head back up to see who had a gross cologne on. It was some teenage boys. I looked at them then turned away. "Hey girl. What's your name?" One of the strange boys asked me. "Hannah." I lied to them.

As he was about to respond,Niall came by,giving the boys a dirty look,while holding a tray filled with food. He sat down next to me. The boys,still looking at us. "May we help you?" Niall asked them sarcastically. They looked away before one of the boys grabbed my milkshake and splashed it all over Niall.

"Hell no! What was that about?" I yelled back at them. "He deserved it!" He shouted back. Niall was they boy that I have known longer than I have from the rest of the boys. I could not see anyone treat my friends like this."Look,here's $20 maybe,you can get a rat to bite off that huge zits of yours!" I said to the one with severe acne. They were trying to walk away before I tripped all of them.

"Niall,are you okay?" I asked him,wiping away the melted milkshake. "Yeah,thanks Danna. You always know how to make me feel better." He said,in his strong Irish accent. I just let him lye his head on my shoulder until the rest of the boys and food were here. "By the way,that was a great comeback!" He said,kind of jumping out of the booth table. What would I do without my best friends? 

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