We were found missing

This story is about 5 boys and a girl that feel like nobody loves them. So,they are absent for several days,but then months. People started to notice that they weren't there. So people found out about them,they were just missing.


1. Goodbye,my almost lover

We were packing our bags me,Niall,Zayn,Louis,Harry,and Liam were social outcasts at or school. So if we go missing,will they really notice or care if were gone? I have a crush,James. But will be notice if I'm gone? I don't have time to think of him right now though.

"Finished?" Harry asked,walking towards me. I just nodded my head yes. It is a hard thing to do,leave some one you love behind and let them go. I don't want to,but I made a promise to my best friends,that someday we will all run off together. And today is that day.

We were walking towards Liam's car. "Wait,where are we going?" I asked all of them. Niall answered back "We don't know,were just gonna drive around. Okay?" He said,looking directly at me.

We were driving for only 30 minuets before Harry had to stop to take a bathroom break. He was nervous,he never skipped school,and today was a Monday. What made him even more nervous was that he will probably never go back to school again. But as long as we all have each other than we will well survive. But some questions have been running through my mind. When will people notice were gone? How long will it take them to find us? Does James like me? I guess some of these questions might not be answered.

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