Code Uragiri

Average monster Shana just wanted an average life. What she gets is far from it, betrayal from one of her close friends, a quest to prevent said friend from using the master crown to recreate the world in the person's image, and all while being really pissed of doing so.


1. The master crown

It all began the day humankind found a powerful artifect in a japanese temple, the master crown as it was named soon after. Legend has it that it can apparently give the user immortality and god like abilities. I thought what most other people probabally would have thought if they were told this: "I'll believe that when buildings sprout wings and fly". My name is Shana Akazai, a student at the academy of monsters. I'm nothing special, just an average spellcaster, hell, most of my friends are average monsters. Yamado Retski, my best friend is basically a humandoid reptile, and Shinyo Dekinai doesn't talk much, but hes like me, another spellcaster. Yep, nothing special. so why was the world's fate in our hands? Because the bastard got power hungry and wanted the world bending to his will. Ok, I'll explain from the start. The whole academy had heard about the discovery of the master crown by the humans. Most of the academy were talking about what they would do if they had the power of the master crown. Personally I didn't give a shit, I just wanted to get by in life, I was contempt in getting a small part time job and a cheap apartment. Maybe I'd change my appearance a little, make myself a little slimmer possibly, but unlike most girls at my school, I actually like how I look., how could I not? I have blood red hair with matching eyes, I think it looks cool ok? Yamado approached me, saying Shinyo was already in the lunch room. We began walking down, and I had to listen to Yamado listing of what he'd do with the master crown, I sort of zoned out, something about world peace, ending world hunger or something. We met up with Shinyo and ate, most of the talking came from me and Yamado, Shinyo didn't say much as usual, he never did, even when we met him he only spoke a few words and that was it. After our next couple of classes ended we went to our dorms. After finishing the last bit of my favorite novel, Blades of red, I put on the small portable T.V to watch some news. This was where things were turning to shit, it was announced on the news that the crown was stolen. I imagined what tomorrow was going to be like, nobody was gonna shut up asbout the crown that was for sure. So I put in some earphones, put on some Black veil brides and fell asleep.

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