My Last adventure

My last adventure is about a guy That is 18. That has a last adventure. It thrills him and scares him. He can't believe it happened to him.


1. My Last Adventure Chapter 1

I went to bed one night and could not sleep.  Things was going around in my head.  Sounds I had never heard before.  I just laided there and looked out yhe window.

The stars was out.  I tried to count them one by one.  Of course, I knew I could not do it.

I heard the rain hitting the window pane.  It was so quick and so quiet...........Rain,,,, Sweet........Rain.....Wind was blowing.  Tree's was swaying in the breeze.


I was getting sleepy.  I started to doze off.  Just as I started  to slip away.  I went to a far away place.  It was beautiful.  There was water so blue and clear.  "I couldn't breathe".  It felt like  I was drowning.  I couldn;t be.  I was sleeping.

Then out of no where.  I felt a sharp pain.  It hurt so bad.  I would surely die if it did not stop.  Then it felt like I was on fire.  I had to be dreaming.  I heard a whisper.  That sounded  so loud.  My ears was ringing.  It kept calling me.  "Timmy Timmy Timmy".  Do you know where your at?  I kept saying yes I'm asleep.  To which there was no answer.


I tried to move but I couldn't.  "Not at all".  Why couldn't I move?  What has happened to me?  My mind kept asking.  I was troubled and in pain.  I thought I was having a nightmare.


But I wasn't.  It seem's like I had dozed off.  Without even realizing it.  While I was "sleeping".  Someone had got in the house.  They drugged me.  "I know not why". 


All of a sudden it started wearing off.  I was so weak.  Still couldn't move.  Still chained down.  What could I do?  At this point nothing.  I had to make them think.  I was not awake.  That I knew nothing.  Because I still did not know where I was at.  All I knew was I was still in Jamaica.  So far as I knew.


Unless they had moved me.  I didn't know what all they had done to me.  They probably would not tell me.  Then someone said " he should be coining to".  So they or someone throwed more water on me.


I let my lashes flutter.  When I tried to look and see what was going on.  My eyes would not open.  I was scared now.  I heard a sound.   When I heard a voice say.  I'm going to have to throw him out of this ship". 


My mind went all over the place.  How could I be throwed out of a ship?  I tried to make sense of it.  But could not.


Then there was a loud bang.  A voice said "oh no" this is bad.  It can't happen.  We are going down fast.  This ship is going to crash.


I was still trying to make sense of everything, I heard.  When I heard a "scream".  I just about jumped out of my skin.  I heard feet.  It had to be something bad. 


We had "crashed".  One was dead it seemed.  They started screaming when the ship started going down.  Some how they had caught on fire.


When we crashed.  I heard no sound at all.  That seemed strange to me.  But I had other things on my mind.  I had to get away.  I just didn't know how.  I was still chained and couldn't hardly see.


So I started working on the chain.  Even if I could get it where I could drag it.  I would do it.  At last, I did it.  "I was free".  I started walking thinking hard of everything that had happened to me.


It was a miracle I was still alive.  I was thinging so hard.  I did not hear "my name being called".  :Timmy, Is that You?"  I have been looking for you!  Where have you been?


I didn't know what to say!  So I kept quiet.  Looked over and said.  "Maybe I'll tell You"  someday.  Until then..............I dont know.............




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