Leaves Only Fall In September

This is a story about Salem, his brother and how to deal with difficult things in life. Salems father is sick with cancer, so he and his brother Isaac have to move to Nevada, California. But Salem doesn't have a good relationship with his mother, and hes mentally unstable, and his new step-dad hate him more than anything.


1. Autumn- a time to shine or die

Dear Diary….

They say leaves only fall during the fall. But that's the worst lie ever. I've seen leaves wither and fall before, at any times a year, it's not just happening during the winter, oh god how are people naïve to think so. During the whole summer, this leaf have blossomed, lived as happily as it could on the edge of that branch on the big and green oak tree. But the leaf suddenly became sick and brown, way too soon, and at last it was so brown and dry, that it let go from the branch, and parachuted slowly down to the ground in lazy spirals. My dad is that leaf. He used to be the most active man I could ever imagine in my messed up head, he biked to wok, even though it took him a half an hour on that rusty old bike. Every weekend, we went fishing, him my little brother and I.  he always carried the heavy boxes of fish we had caught, and then we cooked dinner together. When we, Isaac and I, had relationship or friendship troubles, he bought ice cream, shared a beer with us and let us cry out on his shoulder. He even read Isaac bedtime stories, and had always made our beds and cleaned up for us. When the weather was rainy, and there was a long way home from school, then we almost didn't had to pick up our phone, he was there to drive us home in his warm and comfy car before we could shout his name. he made our lunch, played football with us on lazy Sunday evenings. He was both a dad, but also a mum to us. Mum had left us long ago, to live with some jerk in California when I was 15, and Isaac only 2 years old, she left him and us with only an envelope stocked up with filthy money, which were tossed in the trash immediately. My dad was stubborn, and had a heart made of gold. But unfortunately, he, as the leaf, is slowly parachuting, b´not to the ground but to heaven. Last September, he was diagnosed with leukemia, and I, so can Isaac see, how he's getting weaker by the minute. 
That's why, he have send us away  to our mother in California, so she and her new husband Marcus, could take care of us, until I turned 18 next summer- he have send us away, because he simply isn't capable of taking care of us anymore, he's too weak. I´m writing this dear diary, as Isaac is asleep in my lap, that little dude is so lucky, I wish I was a little kid, able to just close my eyes for a few hours and forget about everything and what there was waiting for us. In California, our ice cold women of a mum, Delilah, I´ve never called her mum, it have always been Delilah. By her side, another cold and unfamiliar face with the name Marcus. I've only met Marcus once, but ever since our first meeting, he have hated me and I´ve hated him. It was close to impossible for the two of us to be together in the same room…and now I had to live with him. Why couldn't dad just have send us to aunt Carolina in Colorado? Of course she´s both deaf and blind, but at least she care about us. Why did we had to spend what seemed like the rest of our lives together with…Delilah and…Marcus…just the thought of him send shivers down my skinny spine. Oh shit, the plane start to rumble now, I have to go for some hours, I´ll be back as soon as possible dear diary. Let's hope it will all turn out somehow okay after all…

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