The King

This is a poem about an animal in captivity. I didn't say what animal is was in the poem but i guess it's obvious. For those of you who don't know, it could be any animal u want it to be :)


1. The King


The King


I was once free

As free as a bird

But then they caught me

I screamed but no one heard


They shot me with a needle

And the pain felt like death

I struggled to stay awake

But then I lost my breath


I woke up in a cage

Like the wild but very small

It has grass and trees and rocks

But it didn’t have them all


I saw people around me

I was scared so I gave them my roar

I didn’t understand

I think they wanted more


I roared again but much stronger

What? They were louder than me?

I thought I was the king

How could this be?


When night came

They gave me some food

I didn’t like it one bit

I wasn’t in a good mood





After days came weeks

After weeks came months

I am sick and tired of this place

Can’t I at least hunt my own lunch?


I feel pain all the time

I hate this life so much

It makes me crave for everything

It makes me think my life sucks


Everyday, I think about

Roaming in the wild again

Learning new things and having adventures

Or even making a friend


I pray to god every night

That one day I’ll be free

And have the life I used to have

And be the king I used to be






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