A Forgotten Love

They turned and hurried back down the steps, hand-in-hand. They had forgotten how exciting love was.


1. A Heartless Summer *** Prologue

Everyone in the classroom turned and stared as Linda walked in. Even her best friend Donna Robson had her mouth gaping open. Subconsciously Linda reached up and patted her air which was piled on her head in a messy bun. As she sidled over to the spare seat beside Donna, she shot her a confused look. In her hand was a battered edition of The Fires Of Spring and on her desk was another well-read book, proclaiming it was called Dying Embers. 

Ignoring Linda's annoyed look Donna started asking how her holiday was and where did she go etc.  Then "Who's that letter from?"

Linda glanced down and, upon seeing the grubby white envelope, she began to cry. She stared into the darkness of her memory and realised why everyone had stared. Of course they would, as her eyes were glazed and blotchy and her nose was red like a tomato. 

"Honestly?" Linda replied, remembering Donna's question. "He broke up with...with me." Her voice failed and tears choked her up yet again. Slowly, she removed her red glasses from her even redder face and lay them down on the table in front of her. "In the end it didn't matter. He was going to break up with me whatever happened. Start of the Summer hols. Got a text from him didn't I? Harsh really harsh. I loved him Donna!" 




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