My other fan fic


1. The show

"She’s just a girl and she’s on fire. Hotter than a fantasy, lonely like a highway. She’s living in a world and it’s on fire. Filled with catastrophe, but she know she can fly away. Oh, she got both feet on the ground. And she’s burning it down. Oh, she got her head in the clouds. And she’s not backing down. This girl is on fire. This girl is on fire. She’s walking on fire. This girl is on fire" I listen to girl on fire in my dressing room at the Ellen DeGeneres show. "5 minutes Mariah" a man says as he opens the door. "OK I'll be out soon" I say back to him. I turn off the music, take off my dressing gown. I take in a deep breath and smile. I walk out with to body guards behind me following me to the side stage. "You've seen her in movies, she's modeled your clothing and you have her new single. Ladies and gentle men give a warn welcome to Mariah Pengelly" Ellen calls me onto the stage with her arm pointing to me as I walk on the stage smiling and waving. I'm wearing a beautiful creamy white dress with a white frill at the front.,r:34,s:0,i:187

Liam's P.O.V

"You've seen her in movies, she's modeled your clothing and you have her new single. Ladies and gentle men give a warn welcome to Mariah Pengelly" Ellen DeGeneres calls Mariah Pengelly to the stage. My heart starts to beat as Mariah Pengelly comes out and sits down. She looked perfect. I went on google and searched her. It said she was single. A smile started to come.

Mariah's P.O.V

"So Mariah, who are you?" asks Ellen. "I'm great, you know. I've a got shoot next week and yeah life's good" I try to say confidently. "So, are the rumors true" says Ellen. "Ummm...yes, I am staring in a new movie" I say with a smile. "Oh really, what movie?" she asks. "Ummm...the new twilight movie" I say still smiling. "Oh lucky, for half that movie you'll probably be with Taylor Lautner with his shirt off" says Ellen. "Hahhaha, umm I guess you could say that" I say laughing. "And your also doing a photo shoot with Miranda Kerr" says Ellen. "Yes we will be going to Paris, Newzealand, England and Europe" I say. "Wow, sounds great" says Ellen. "And I'm also joining Ellie Tregascis and we're gonna do our video clip for our song" I say. "Oh and I'm also invited to Miley Cyrus' wedding and many birthday parties" I add. "Wow, that sounds like you have a very busy year" says Ellen. "No time for yourself" she adds. "Oh no I'll have plenty of time for myself because when Miranda and I do our photo shoot we get to relax and do stuff together" I say. "Well that sounds great. Now it's time for 20 questions. But we don't have enough time to ask 20 questions so we have to do 10 questions" says Ellen. "They way to play this game is I ask you a question and you have to answer it as quick as possible, but, today I'm going to choose 10 questions from the audience" says Ellen. She hops up and grabs pieces of paper from people puts them in a hat. "OK sounds fun" I say. "OK, the first question is, who is your celebrity crush" says Ellen. "'ll have to be...Liam Payne, I recon he's pretty cute" I say with a smile. "Oh good choice" says Ellen. "The second questions is, do you have a pet" "yes I have a dog, she's a border-coli and her name is Molly" I say. "The third question is are you a directioner?" asks Ellen. "Oh yeah, big time ever since I was 12 years old" I say as I cross my legs. Ellen asks me all the questions and I say goodbye. I go back to my dressing room and get changed into some jeans and a  high neck top sleeveless shirt that is a tangerine colour and fury black wedge high heels. I walked to my limo with four body guards surrounding me as fans screamed and yelled out for autographs. I tried to sign as much as possible but then hoped in my limo and got my phone out. "Coming back from the Ellen DeGeneres show, so fun she's amazing, I had a great time:) " I tweet. After about 2 minutes Liam Payne tweeted "Sounds good, didn't know you had a crush on me though ;)" I smile and tweet back "You saw it, maybe you got a lil crush on me too then aye, didn't think London got the Ellen DeGeneres;)". After that we started to send direct messages to each other. After almost an hour of talking to him he finally asked if I wanted to go out with to the movies Friday. "So...I was wondering if you wanted to go to the movies with me Friday night" he said. "Sounds good but I've got to catch a plane back to Australia Saturday and Friday I need to talk to and say goodbye to all my friends before I leave, but, if I do have some spear time we might be able to catch a coffee       together" I say. "That's alright but I'll stay by the phone in case you call" he says. We both say good night and hop off twitter.      









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