When 16 year old Savanna moves to New York City, things don't go so at home both her parents abuse her. They hit her, make her starve, make her do ridiculous chores, and threaten to kill her if she tries to escape or doesn't do what she's told. At the same time, One Direction is performing, but things aren't looking good for them. Zayn's sick. Louis broke his arm, and Liam's in the hospital. In these colliding stories everybody's praying for a happy ending.


4. The meeting

Harry thinks all I do is eat. He should know I'm the one taking care of the hurt boys, while he keep moping everywhere. I go see Liam in hospital while he only cares about the concert. He thinks he's the leader. He thinks that he knows it all. Well he doesn't. These thoughts kept running threw my head. I don't hate Harry, but he gets on my nerve. "Open up the window" Zayn had said. "Ya open the window up!" Louis says I couldn't disappoint these boys if they were hurt so I opened it up. I saw Harry looking relaxed so I didn't bother him. Then I heard a scream. Harry must of heard it too because he was looking for it. Louis and Zayn heard it too. We all looked tense. When I thought I the scream it sounded like a girl's scream. Then still looking out the window, I saw a girl. She was beutiful. She had green eyes,long dark hair, and her face! It's wow! With her she had a bag and she looked lost. But I wasn't wondering about that. I was wondering why she had knife cuts all over her body and why her shirt and shorts ere covered with blood. I knew I had to help her so I ran outside. Harry must of though the same thing. Together we ran towards her. She looked scared.
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