When 16 year old Savanna moves to New York City, things don't go so at home both her parents abuse her. They hit her, make her starve, make her do ridiculous chores, and threaten to kill her if she tries to escape or doesn't do what she's told. At the same time, One Direction is performing, but things aren't looking good for them. Zayn's sick. Louis broke his arm, and Liam's in the hospital. In these colliding stories everybody's praying for a happy ending.


1. The journey begins


" Savanna, I'm not going to tell you twice! Get your butt down here or Am I going to have to pull out the knife?" "No ma'am" I sprinted down the steps so mother wouldn't have to pull out the knife. It was the fifth time this week she's been like this . I could feel my eyes filling up with tears. When I went down stairs I saw dad there too. I didn't know what to expect anymore. Before the move my parents were normal but now? I don't know. "What do you want?" I asked them "Don't use that tone with us!" she told me. I knew better but with school and everything I'd lost control. "I'll use whatever tone I want to use" once as that came out of my mouth I regretted it. Then I quickly saw mom pull something out of her pocket. She leaped on top of and started cutting me with something sharp. I closed my eyes but the pain was indescribable. I felt a pool of liquid around my body. I felt mom get off of me. I waited there a few moments then I sat up. There was blood everywhere. I got up I felt dizzy but I caught my balance. I knew this was the time. I walked up quickly up the stairs. It was my time for new hope. For new freedom. For a new dream. It was my time to escape.
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