When 16 year old Savanna moves to New York City, things don't go so at home both her parents abuse her. They hit her, make her starve, make her do ridiculous chores, and threaten to kill her if she tries to escape or doesn't do what she's told. At the same time, One Direction is performing, but things aren't looking good for them. Zayn's sick. Louis broke his arm, and Liam's in the hospital. In these colliding stories everybody's praying for a happy ending.


3. The escape

I was walking up the stairs into my bedroom. I knew I don't have much time. So I started to pack. After I packed I waited in my room till evening. When it became evening I opened up the window, then I hooked a rope to the window seal and started climbed down the rope. I thought I was going to make it, but life had to mess that up for me. My parents came into my room and found out I was escaping. I started to go down faster but my parents beat me. Dad untied the rope. I wasn't even half way down. I fell, hard. My ankle hurt. When I moved it I howled in pain. But I knew if my parents caught me, then they would toucher me. I knew I needed to go somewhere and fast. I got up and sprinted down the street. I ran a couple of blocks before looking back. When I did there was no one. I needed to catch my breath so I started to walk. When I looked around the houses were so big and beautiful. I knew I ended up in the rich neighborhood. I looked around again and saw a boy on a porch of the biggest house of the neighborhood.
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