When 16 year old Savanna moves to New York City, things don't go so at home both her parents abuse her. They hit her, make her starve, make her do ridiculous chores, and threaten to kill her if she tries to escape or doesn't do what she's told. At the same time, One Direction is performing, but things aren't looking good for them. Zayn's sick. Louis broke his arm, and Liam's in the hospital. In these colliding stories everybody's praying for a happy ending.


2. Another life


"Harry, what's wrong with Zayn?" "What do you mean what's wrong with Zayn, Naill?" "Well, he doesn't look so good" Oh no "First Louis breaks his leg, then Laim gets run over and is unconscious in a hospital, now something's wrong with Zayn" of course This kept running threw my mind over and over again. I felt the whole bands weight on my shoulders. True there's Naill but, all he does is eat. I needed a break. I walked outside his on the small front porch. I do like Louis house but, his mom's to perky, and it's just not home. I watched the sun set into the sky. This is what I needed was to relax. Then I heared a scream.
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