just like magicc

jessicia thought nothing of her self. meets some lovely young lads, she will never know what shes in for


8. your house looks pretty big

after only a few short minuets of walking the arrived at Jess's house.
"umm jess your house looks pretty big" niall said in shock
"haha well, its not too big. now let me show you guys around" jess said as she opened the door.

the house looked just like the house in home alone four. with double stairs in the entry room and doors the lead out side to the pool. on the right hand side was a massive lounge room than the kitchen, on the left had side was her parents room. up stairs there was four rooms, the one on the very right was Jess's  next one to the left was a study, the next one was a pair room with a bunk bed but the bottom bed was a double, than on the very left was Jess's brothers room.

niall had already spoken to harry about taking the girls out for dinner and there was a nice Greek resonant that they drove past on the way to the park, that they are going to take them to. it was going to be a surprise for the girls, just for being so nice and not going crazy around them, like what girls normally do.

"hey girls, why don't you go get changed, into your best clothes, well Jess's best clothes" niall asked
"umm okay" Jess said as she grabbed Chloe's arm and pulled her up stairs.

"okay niall we better have showers" harry said as he send chloe a text saying they are having showers
"okay harry, theres a bathroom off the side of the spare room, ill get out out best suits while you have the first shower"
"okay" harry said as they walked back up stairs.

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