just like magicc

jessicia thought nothing of her self. meets some lovely young lads, she will never know what shes in for


7. where will we stay

louis zayn and liam came back with ice-creams for all, and handed them out, Chloe and harry where now sitting on a patch of grass making pictures out of clouds. niall and Jessica where now swinging on the swings.

"i think louis, zayn and my self are going to go home and take the car" liam called out
"yes, that is fine, Chloe texted her mum asking it i can stay over, were going to set up a tent in her back yard" harry called out.
the boys jumped in the car a drove off
"OMG, niall, Jess  you guys should so come over aswell, its going to be awesome" chloe suggested while her and harry walked over to the swings.
"yes i would love to, but why don't you guys come to mine, mum isn't home because she had to take my brother to Sydney to do something with basketball, and i only live up the road. well niall only if you dont mind to come along?" Jessica asked with excitement. 
"yes, i would love to" niall said with a massive smile.
"okay well its set, my place it will be. it's still hot out side so we can go in the pool" Jessica told the others
"that sounds wonderful, you girls and so lovely" harry said as he winked at Chloe

they continued talking for a while. it was now around 5:30, niall was getting hungry.

niall walked off to call liam.
"hey whats up, every thing alright?" liam asked
"yeah its fine, me and harry are staying at jess's but do you mind dropping our clothes off at the park, we are still here but i really want to take them out somewhere nice"
" okay, so will you tell me later whats going on with you and jess?"
"yes ill tell you when i get back"
" when would that be"
"i don't know" niall said as he hung up

ten minuets later liam arrived with the clothes, niall went and got them off him. once harry was given his clothes the four of them headed off to Jessica's house.

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