just like magicc

jessicia thought nothing of her self. meets some lovely young lads, she will never know what shes in for


12. so its official

the lights where making jessicias eyes more beautiful than ever. niall slowly but surely lent in for a kiss. there lips touch, it was like fireworks, like time had stoped. nothing else matted it was like they where the only two on earth.
"that was so perfect, you are so perfect" niall wispred one the kiss was over
"how could i be falling for someone when i only met them today, and they are famous, niall how are we going to keep this up" jessicia said as the walked back inside holding hands
"it will work" niall said as hey sat down and ordered there food.
"ohh la la" chloe sang
"so its official, you two are together" harry declared 

there food had came and they all dug in. the waiter came back and asked if they wanted desert. 
"ummmm, they all look so good, but i would have the chocolate mouse" niall asked
"make that a large to share" Jessica butted in
"how about two to share" harry asked
"sounds great" Chloe said as she gave him a kiss on the cheek.

once they had finished there desert the limo was out side waiting. 
harry and chloe jumped in, niall waited foe jessicia to come and gave her a massive kiss than they both of them followed.

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